Hello, Are you still there?


Oh my it has been a long while! I have so much to write about but so little time, so I think this post will be a little bit of everything! So here goes…


I feel I have become stuck in a style rut and have resorted to a t-shirt and jeans uniform for college. I find this incredibly boring and uninspiring, however the problem stems from having to cycle to college and having to take in to account practicality and the weather. I seem to have a rather large wardrobe but nothing to wear- nothing seems to go together although I have a few new additions from Christmas- I bought a majority of stuff from Topshop as my budget doesn’t usually cover the cost of anything in there. My favourite pieces include my ‘Brush Gingham’ aline skirt and a bright orange long sleeved ‘crepe’ top.


Just like my clothes I’ve been replaying the same old thing since November but I felt 2014 = new year, new music! I haven’t bought any music in ages, only listening to a playlist I created on Xbox music however I have discovered some new and interesting sounds I am going to share with you…

1) Metronomy- I’m Aquarius . This tune is a little weird but soo good.

2) Warpaint-  Feeling alright/ Love is to die . These 2 songs are mesmerising and the whole album is pretty good (+ I love the album art)

3) Bombay Bicycle club- Carry me . This has been around a couple of weeks but I really love this song.

4) I have recently got into some electronic music, it is quite repetitive by its utterly fabulous to have as Super cool background noise whilst working. My two favourite tracks are…

Onra- L.O.V.E and Chromatics- looking for love

5) Ok, this turning into quite a list, but in at number 5 is DRENGE, anything by this band is pretty awesome, I got to see them last year and met Rory after the gig which was amazing!

6) last but certainly not least is A View from the afternoon by the Arctic Monkeys, this is off their first album and I never really listened to it – but my love for this song was rekindled by their performance when I saw them November (they where amazing despite me being so pissed off about them cancelling 1st time round and me having to travel all the way to Birmingham twice ).

-Oh and the White Stripes (don’t know them? HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK!?, if so rock person, check out ‘Hardest Button to Button’ and ‘Blue Orchid’.


I’m very naughty and don’t really read books, but I have gotten into online blogs that provide me with plenty to read therefore I have some recommendations…

My Blog Annabelissimo (Just kidding- if you’re on this page your probably lost)

Dazed Digital- this is an ubercool site that has a lot of edgy material

Never Underdressed- This covers fashion, culture and beauty- a must see

Topshop Inside-out – this is fashion heaven.

My ideas have suddenly come to a halt and I can’t seem to think of something interesting to write, so I’ll just indulge in telling you some pop culture I’m into at the mo…

‘Great interior design challenge’ BBC2 – this program is a bit of fun, not particularly original but I love interior design (something I would love to do as a living).

The US office- I very rarely get to see this as its on obscure channels in the UK at like 2am, but I checked it out after seeing a ton of gifs on tumblr and its rather amusing.

(More Americana) Fashion Police on E! -fashion is a passion of mine and this shows looks from the world of celebrity and Joan Rivers’ take on some looks is quite amusing but mostly outrageous.

Film wise classics are always good- 10 things I hate about you, Ferris Bueller and Face off. Although there is a new Wes Anderson film coming out soon which should be good.

Art wise, I hope to visit some London galleries in February half term, an artist’s work I would really like to see is Egon Shiele’s as he is one of my favourite artists.

I think my aim for next month is to keep up the posts and find a suitable topic to explore In-depth.

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JUNE favourites…

juneHaven’t posted in ages, but finally have time now summer has arrived! I had no idea what to make this post about, so taking some inspiration from youtube vloggers i have decided to write about some of my favourite things from the month of june and the beggining of july.

I’ll start with music, there are a few artists ive been listening to on repeat including Jagwar Ma, Tame Impala, Tom Odell, Miles Kane and Sky Ferreira. Although i have had my love for the Arctic Monkeys renewed by their latest Glasto performance, and their new single is just perfection. TV – I have favourites for example, the Big Bang Theory, The Middle and Malcolm In The Middle. Although i have some fairly new discoveries however some are rather old anyway, I have recently got into ‘How i met your mother’, i never used to watch it but it seems to be on E4 a lot and its rather amusing. Another one is complete trash ‘Ultimate Shopper’ on TLC, i mean its so bad its good, im actually thinking of applying for the program as it looks so much fun. All this being said i have cut down on my tv watching and have been listening to the radio a lot more, its good because it allows me to multitask and do other things whilst listening. My go to station is BBC Radio 1 as it keeps you up to date with news, popular music

Films, i haven’t been to the cinema in nearly a year so -nothing new, although i would like to see Monsters University because its a childhood classic. Also i have finally seen the Breakfast Club, i wanted it to be good and it really was, i really enjoyed it – one of the best films ive seen in a while!.   Clothes! i seem to have a love for just buying lots of clothes, also i definiately feel that my style has improved ever scince the age of 16 although i am stuck in a bit of a rut having to create outfits everyday for college. Because of this reason basics have become essential – ie plain t shirts, vest tops and well fitting trousers. However i do like some things a bit more in your face and have recently purchased a pair of dungerees and a fringed leather jacket. Both of these items were from Primark- i was surprised with quality, other shops i like to peruse include Topshop and of course the  local Charity Shops.  Other favourites of the month include Body Shop’s seaweed mattifying day cream- this is perfect for getting rid of my shiny skin. Another product i have found a great need for is Batiste dry shampoo, i have been using the brunette coloured edition and its a saviour for day old hair styling or when im to lazy to wash it.

Recently i’ve found myself wearing a lot more jewellery, i tend to wear a load of bracelets on one wrist along with my watch- this is something that goes with most outfits and i wear them everyday. But lately ive been wearing a lot of rings, typically 4 and mostly silver ones are my favourite.  Like a lot of people my age i tend to spend a lot of time online, this has lead to the discovery of favourite sites and youtubers. I think a majority of my time is spent on Tumblr which is by far my favourite, i have also spent a lot of time on Youtube watching vloggers such as Clothesencounters and Danisnotonfire.  The only other thing i can think to write about is food, i haven’t really dicovered anything new but i will tell what ive enjoyed – pasta probably (have been eating a lot recently) and apples – very simple but ive had nice ones nearly every day for the past 2 weeks. (& healthy too!).

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The Month Of May Playlist.

ImageI have found a break in revision to finally uptade my blog, one thing i discovered- is that music is essential in helping me get through all my revision. I have found a selection of new and interesting songs, not forgeting old favourites. I’ve put together a shortlist of my revision playlist and i have really come to like the following 15 tracks, so check them out!…

1) Alt -J : Slow Dre.  I’m not sure if this available to buy although im sure i’ve heard it on the radio. They played it when i saw them on their UK tour recently and i really liked the combination of the two songs and the spin they put on it. Its quite slow and relaxing and features the lyrics from Kylie’s -slow played over the music from dr dre and snoop doggs- still dre.

2) DIIV : Doused

3) Tame Impala : Feels like we only go backwards

4) Drenge : Bloodsports.  I really like this 2 pieces’ grungey garage indie rock sound.

5) Iggy Azalea : Work. maybe its the motivation i need but i have found my self listening to a lot more ‘dance’ music, instead of my regular alternative/indie downbeat kinda stuff.

6) Kill it kid : Run. this really shows the power of advertising, you may recognise it from a samsung ad.

7) Santigold : Desperate youth

10) Dj Fresh / Diplo / Dominique young unique : Earthquake. this is a little out of my comfort zone but i just really like the song. Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure.

11) TNGHT : Higher Ground. this song i’ve heard on two nights out and just didnt know what it was or how to find it, But i found it ! and the bassline is insanely catchy.

12) James Blake : Retrograde . 

13) Deap Vally : Baby i call hell

14) Foals : Inhaler. i love foals and this song is one of their best.

15) Ms Mr : Hurricane. this is a recent discovery, and if what ive been watching is the official music video – then thats pretty cool too.





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~ Crop Tops ~

 I have a feeling that my past ‘review’ posts have been a little wishy-washy, so for this review i’m going to be a littlle more blunt. This post is about an item of clothing i am a big fan of – Crop Tops, personally i don’t own that many but there are reasons, as they can be worn ‘wrong’. I think that they work really well with highwaisted bottoms eg, shorts or jeans. as this allows you to get the crop top effect but without flashing too much flesh. They do tend to work better with shorter bottoms as it lengthens your body – but this isnt really an option with UK weather. They can be fun and dressed up or down- they also come in a huge variety of styles which allows them to be styled in many ways. Although there are some rules i like to follow- for example i don’t think they work with low rise bottoms, this can be too revealing and also makes them look a little ‘skanky’. No offence to larger women but i think you have to have a suitable body- im not saying you have to have a flat stomach but i think you should wear what flatters your body and suits you – or what ultimately makes you feel good! An example of how to wear a version of the crop top can be seen in the picture attatched- they can be used effectively to layer under other items.*( Apologies! since first publishing this post i have noticed that the picture does not show a crop top, but more of a bandeau type thing. Although i do like the image, so therefore i’ll keep it!)* The picture above is a rather small example but you can buy it in the shops now- (topshop). ~{Image features one of the new faces of topshop  s/s 13″ -the beautiful Rosie Tapner}.Image

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Current trends- ‘THRIFTING’…

thrift shopAll of a sudden ‘thrifting’ or charity shopping has become all the rage-most likely because it offers one off pieces, vintage wear and a cheaper way of shopping. I personally have always looked in charity shops for a variety of clothing- especially on a budget, you can also pick up things to sell on or find great antiques. For most people there is a stigma attatched to a second hand shop, usually that the items smell or are unclean etc. I personally work as a volunteer in a charity shop and think this often a misconception – although it can depend on the individual business. The difficulty with its newfound popularity is the shops know they can charge more, so if bargin hunting, stick to smaller chains or independants. Thrift shopping adds to the normal shopping experience, it offers a sense of excitement (if i may go that far), because you never know what your going to find and there typically only tends to be one of each item. Although it does have its downsides, if there is only the one item and it doesnt fit, it can be disappointing, also the fact its second hand can comprimise the condition of the item.

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I am writing this post about Balenciaga’s cut out boots, i know they are probably old hap now but i still love them! Its rather difficult to write a review as such – because i do not own the $1000+ boots and have failed to get my hands on a high-street equivalent. (Topshop £90). I think they offer a quite harsh biker look with the black leather and big chunky buckles but they also show a subtle peep of flesh giving them a bit more ‘sex appeal’ -if that’s the right term. I think along with shoulders, ankles are a very attractive part of the body and just a hint can change an outfit, these boots definitely work for Miley Cyrus pictured above. Miley is one of my style icons- (but i have to say her style is the only thing of hers i’m a fan of.) She is one of the first places i saw the boots which inspired me to write this and as a result i’m going to rank this my outfit of the day. Its perfectly casual, elegant and simple, although one thing this OOTD could do without is the wag bag. I feel the trend will disappear soon, but i’m still on the hunt for a pair on the cheap, so wish me luck!

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Review of Jake Bugg’s Debut Album

Image This is a review of Jake Bugg’s debut self titled album, released last year it has proved very popular. I’m writing this review because i really like the album and i actually had the pleasure of seeing him live recently.  The album opens with one of his biggest tracks- ‘Lightning Bolt’ this song is both catchy and brings about his folky / country sound. Closely followed by ‘Two Fingers’, ‘Taste It’ and ‘Seen it All’.  The album sure starts off well, ‘Seen It All’ has to be my favorite track, only because of the tune and lyrics -they almost tell a story and most likely reflect his life experiences.  ‘Country Song’ has to be the biggest let down track,- the copy of the CD i own has a sticker on the front pushing the fact contains the ‘hit’ country song. Although i just think its rather slow and monotonous. Apart from that Jake Bugg is clearly a very talented individual with sound like no other, when i went to see him on his recent UK tour he really stunned me with his effortless vocals and seamless guitar playing.  Apart from the music he also showed great modesty- thanking us after every track. I thoroughly enjoy listening to his music and offer a great deal of respect.

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Entry 1:

Hi ! This is my blog Annabelissimo ! I’m 17 and live in the UK, I have created this blog to exhaust my feelings on current trends in music, fashion and pop culture!